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Mandal organise rural sports competition since 1980 to 1988 in  village Nihalgarh To promote team spirit. 

Made people aware against Dowry, Pollution, Drink addiction, female foeticide with the help of street play, drama by artist of Gramin Vikas Mandal from 1983 to 1997.


Organized five youth leadership training camp for development of constructive approach in youth that benefited 454 youth from all parts of Haryana State. Almost all these trainees have got recognition as worthy representative of the society and as a social worker.

A very splendid century celebration of Nihalgarh village was held that lasted seven days. This helped the villagers to get acquainted with their history of a century. 


National Integration camps were organized since 1985 to 1993 to fight the challenges that hampered brotherhood and National Integrity.

In order to develop spirit of Sharm Sanskar in youth Sharm Sanskar Shivir organized regularly since 1981.

Mass awareness programmes were organized in order to make people aware with the benefits of environment conservation and plantation. Alongwith that cycle yatra also organized in remote rural area.


Para legal literacy camps were held in order to educate villagers specially women since 1991.

In 1993 Mandal organized mitigation Camps in Gubal, Lamjana, Khillari and Ganjan Khera village of Latur district after Maharastra Earthquake and Mandal volunteer were there also for mitigation camps in Gubal, Lamjana, Khillari and Ganjan Khera Village of Latur district after Maharastra earthquake.


Mitigation camps were organized with relief materials worth ten lakhs relief in Jagatringhpur Jajpur district of Orissa after Orissa cyclone in November 1999.


In January 2001 Gramin Vikas Mandal Organized relief camps for Gujat earthquake effected people in Bhavpur bela, Mota bola, Devgarh & Mota brar village of Maliya Taluka in Rajkot district.


In December 2004 when the southeren parts of the country faced a disastrous trunami. Mandal organized mitigation camps with relief materials worth Rs; Eight lakhs in Chinakundi, Chimnammedu, Pudukupam and Meathukupam villages of Nagai districts of Tamil Nadu Relief material provided for Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan relief camps for Srinagar earthquake effected area in October 2005.


In August 2008 Arharia, Madhepra, Sahrsha, Supol and Purnia districts of Bihar witnessed claimity in the form of flood and Mandal is volunteer were there also for mitigation camps loving fifteen lakhs relief material.


Rahat Group have been formed comprising twenty five village Panchayta, youth organization and Educational Institutions for natural claimities relief work affair Orissa cyclone 1999.

Program for Control of Blindness

First free eye operation camp was organized on 8th April 1996 in Charkhi Dadri town. Now since Jan. 2006 free eye operation is being organized on third Sunday at Aray Samaj Mandir in Charkhi Dadri, similarly another camp is being organized on first Sunday in Mahendergarh since January 2009. Gramin Vikas Mandal conducted 185 camps in which 8658 catract operation performed. Our volunteers look after elderly people two days after operation. All operation have been conducted in Govt. Jalan Eye Hospital, Bhiwani. Operation are totally free of cost. But our 40 members from Charkhi Dadri and Mahendergarh contributed two hundred per month each.


Normal cost of one cataract operation in about five thousands. Hence mathematical calculations in goes upto 4.50 crore help to needy elderly people.


Organization conducted a cycle yatra form Charkhi Dadri to Rajghat on the eve of 50th century celebration of our Independence. It covered nine state with 4700 K.M. in fourty Seven days. Our five youth noticed the changes of our fifty year after Independence. They meet with youth, farmers, spiritual social and political leaders in the way of cycle yatra

Past Programs

  1. National Integration Camp from 1stto 6th October,1985 in Nihalgarh Distt.  Bhiwani  (Haryana).
  2. Inter State Youth Exchange programme organised by Gramin Vikas   Mandal Nihalgarh from  13thto    22nd, 1987.
  3. State level Youth leadership Traning Camp from 7th to 13th March,1998 at Nihalgarh in Distt. Bhiwani.            
  4. State Youth Leadership Trainning Camp from 29.9.89 to 3.10.89 at Nihalgarh Distt. Bhiwani.
  5. National Youth Seminar Oragnised By Gramin Vikas Mandal, Nihalgarh From 12thto  14th 89 in  Mohindergarh.
  6. State Youth Leadership Training Camp from 19.3.91 to 23.3.91 at Nihalgarh in Distt. Bhiwani.
  7. Youth Cooperative Training Camp from 12.1.92. to 19.1.92 in Charkhi Dadri Distt. Bhiwani.
  8. National Youth Exhibition from 1.3.92 to 4.3.92 in Bhiwani
  9. Workshop On Environment Conservation from 3rdto 4th  March in Bhiwani.
  10. Organisation Of Beneficiaries for Anti Poverty Programme from June 1990  to  Oct,1991.
  11. Drinking Water Awareness Camps from 9thto 13th 1992 in 5 villages of  Bhiwani   Distt.
  12. Yoga Camp from 2ndto 7th1992 at Nihalgarh in Distt.Bhiwani.
  13. National Integration Camp from 2ndto 5th October 1993 in Youth Hostel Bhiwani.
  14. Collected Wheat, Clothes & cash worth Rs.1.20 Lacs for Maharashtra Earth Quake relief an oragnised one day relief Camp in Village Khilari,Lamjana,Gajan Khera& Gulab of Latur District  (Maharashtra) from 1.11.93 to 3.11.93.  .
  15. Motor Cycle, Radio T.V &Electric Motor Winding Traning programme for  Youth from  Nov. 1993 to June, 1994.
  16. Paryavaran Chetna Cycle Yatra From 19-20th 1994 organised by Gramin Vikas Mandal, Nihalgarh.
  17. Para Legal Literacy Camp from 24thTo 25th 1993 & 3rd To 4th Sept.  1994 Sponsored By Haryana  Legal Service & Advice Committee,  Chandigarh in Vill.Nihalgarh.
  18. 16 Work Camps, 8 Sports &  12 Cultural Programmes in Different Villages of District Bhiwani.
  19. Environment Trainning Camp from 12thTo 14th Feb, 1994 at Nihalgarh in Distt. Bhiwani.
  20. Flood relief Camp during Sept. 1995 flood in Charkhi Dadri  town and Vill. Birhikalan, Samashpur , Pandwan, Mishri,organised by HEART, Yuva Shakti & GVM Nihalgarh.
  21. Rural Sanitation camps from 8 to 10 Aug. 1995 in village
  22. Paryavaran Chenta Mela from 14 to 15 May 1995 in college auditorium Charkhi Dadri.
  23. National Voters Awareness Campaign in Jan. 1995 and April
  24. Free Eye Camp in Aprill 1995 and May 1996 at Charkhi Dadri in Bhiwani.
  25. Mahila Chetna Mela for environment conservation from 2ndto 4th June 1996 in  village Nihalgarh .
  26. Rashtriya Cycle Yatra Abhiyan from 15 August to 2ndOctober 1996 on the  occasion Of 50th anniversary of Indian independence covering 4700 K.M in nine States.
  27. World environment day celebration at Charkhi Dadri in Distt. Bhiwani organised  HEART Charkhi Dadri on  25 Nov. 1996.
  28. Para Legal Camp in Village Mishri from 26-27 Oct. 1996 Inaugrated by the  Justice N.C. Jain Punjab &  Haryana High Court and presided over by the  than Distt. & Session Judge
  29. Central Services B Group Probationer’s field training from 12-17 August 1996.
  30. Free Eye Camp from 6-11 Oct. 1997 organised by Gramin Vikas Mandal Charkhi Dadri.
  31. Deliver a Radio talk on role of  Youth Club in Development of Haryana on 8-8-1996.
  32. Handicapped Training Camp from 24 to 25 February 1998 in Charkhi Dadri.
  33. National Environment Awareness Campaign 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98 organised by Gramin Vikash Mandal Nihalgarh.
  34. Conference on “challenges of 21stcentury “ in Charkhi Dadri  on  19th April 1998 presided    over by Sh T.N. Seshan.
  35. Komi Ekta Saptah Programme on 25th 1998 & Health Awareness Workship on 10thNov. 1998  in Charkhi Dadri & Nihalgarh respectively.
  36. Free Eye camp from 2 to 7th 1998 in Civil Hospital Charkhi Dadri.
  37. State Youth Conference on 19th 1999 in Charkhi Dadri Presided over by Shri S.N. Subba Rao.
  38. Free Eye Camp from 2-7thNovember 1999 in Charkhi Dadri in which 40 catract operation  conducted.
  39. Free Eye camp from 17-22nd 1999 in village Dhana Narsan 25 cotract operation conducted.
  40. Orrisa Cyclone relief camps in villages of  Distt. Jaajpur, Kenderpada & Jagatsinghpur in Dec. 1999.
  41. Old Age Day Care Center Charkhi in the year 1999-2001.
  42. 50 Social Animators training programme from  14th to 5th Oct. 1999.
  43. Gujrat earthquake relief in village Bhavpur Vela, Mote rela, Devgarh & Mota  Barar  of  Malia Block Distt. Rajkot in  February
  44. National Enviroment Awareness campaign from 25-29 May 2001.
  45. Swa Shakti programme for women empowerment  in Block
  46. Awareness railly against Female Foeticide on 12 Jan.2003
  47. Haryana State Water Awareness Yatra from 19to 22 May 2004.
  48. Voter awareness campaign fron 27-30thMarch in Bhiwani.
  49. Tusunami Earthquake Relief Camps during Dec. 2004 in Village Chinnkudi, Chimnamedu,Pudukupam&Medthukupam Of Nagai in Tamilnadu.
  50. National Environment Awareness Compaign in March 2005.
  51. Jammu Kashmir earthquake relief campaign Oct. 2005.
  52. 6 Free Eye Operation Camps  in Jhojhu Kalan, Charkhi Dadri, Badhawana,Kadma  during  January to March 2006 in Which 293 catract operation conducted.
  53. 185 Free Eye operation camps in Charkhi Dadri & villages of Bhiwani  & Mohindergarh in which 1110  cataract operation conducted during 2006-07.