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Statement of assistance of since 1980 from central/state govt. | quasi govt. Institute


1985National Integration Camp7000Ministry of H.R.D
1987Youth Exchange Programme20398(Govt. of India)
1988Youth Leadership Training Camp7875(Govt. of India)
1989Youth Leadership Training Camp6467(Govt. of India)
1989National Youth Seminar15822(Govt. of India)
1990Youth Leadership Training Camp6517(Govt. of India)
1991Youth Leadership Training Camp6830(Govt. of India)
1992O.B. Programme27500CAPART NEW DELHI
1992Water Awareness Programme7500CAPART NEW DELHI
1992Youth Co-op. Training Programme11500Ministry of H.R.D.
1992National Youth Exhibition30000Ministry of H.R.D.
1992Environment Workshop 8000Ministry of Environment
1993National Integration Camp35000Ministry of H.R.D.
1994Para Legal Literaes Camp7052Haryana Legal Services


1994National Environment Awareness Camp5000Ministry of Environment
1995National Environment Awareness Camp5000Ministry of Environment
1996Free Eye Camp18370Distt. Blindness control society
1996Para Legal LIteras Camp7148Haryana Legal Services
1996National Environment Awareness Camp5000Ministry Of Environment
1996Youth Development Center30000Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan
1997National Environment Awareness5000Ministry Of Environment
1997Para Legal Literase Camp7460Haryana Legal Services
1997Rural Samitation Programme20000Deptt. Of Health Haryana
1998National Environment Awareness Camp5000Ministry of Environment
1999Social Animation Training75000CAPART, Chandigarh
1999Free Eye Camp            30000Helpage India, New Delhi
1999Old Age Day Care Center67500Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan
2000National Environment Awareness Camp5000Ministry Of Environment
2001Rural Sports Club30000Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan
2002Swa-Shakti Club247800Haryana Women Dev.
2005National Environment Awareness Camp5000Ministry of Environment
2005RITYDC120000Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan
2006National Programme of Blindness Control34830Distt. Blindness Control Society
2007National Programme of Blindness Control135625Distt. Blindness Control Society
2008National Programme of Blindness Control18580Distt. Blindness Control Society
2009National Programme of Blindness Control389175Distt. Blindness Control Society
2010National Programme of Blindness Control672850Distt. Blindness Control Society
2011National Programme of Blindness Control708175Distt. Blindness Control Society
2012National Programme of Blindness Control518050Distt. Blindness Control Society
2013National Programme of Blindness Control227000Distt. Blindness Control Society
2014National Programme of Blindness Control351575Distt. Blindness Control Society
2015National Programme of Blindness Control572650Distt. Blindness Control Society
2016Self Help Group Promotion239000NABARD RO Chandigarh
2017Farmer Producer Organisation865000NABARD RO Chandigarh
2017Jal Hi Jivan Abhiyan488000NABARD RO Chandigarh
2019Drug deaddiction workshop92323Vishwa Yuvak Kender Delhi
2021Youth Mobilization Skill Training160000Vishwa Yuvak Kender Delhi
 DBCS Bhiwani Share3654326 


Balance Sheet (2021-22)

Receipt Payment (2021-22)

Audit Report (2021-22)